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About Maifeng
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About Maifeng
About Maifeng

    2005, MF started fitness equipment manufacturing industry, at themoment it stepped into the industry, the big goal for the founder is that wetry our best to provide healthy, science and technology fitness machine for thepeople that like sports.

    In recent years, MF Fitness, adhering to the health, science andtechnology for the avant-garde concept and principle, introduce the world’sleading production equipment and advance production technology to improveproduction quality standards, which lead the development Chinese fitnessequipment. Thanking for the client and the urgent need of the client, weconstantly attract more and more high quality customers, high quality staff andthe good quality of supplier to build and splendid the future of MF.

    Today, MF has developed into setting design, development, production,sales, service, the club management consulting for the integration of the wholeindustry chain group company, the company has the industry’s leading technologystrength, the most scientific and advanced management team and the five yearsvaluable experience.

    At present, MF Fitness industry group, this huge scope of business hascovers more than 30 overseas countries and regions, according to the surveythat MF Fitness equipment, and the sales team is in all capital cities andhundreds of secondary major city. We will quickly into the domestic market.

The development of MF can not leave the support from numerous customersand all social’s encouragement. We thanks for that.